4×4 Wheel and Tyre Packages

No matter how you use your 4X4 vehicle have a range of tyre and wheel packages to improve the look and handling of your Off-Roader.

Tyre Puncture

Off-road Tyre Puncture Repair

Tyre Puncture repair is so easy to do if it’s just a small hole no larger than a little finger nail (a small stick, nail, spike or anything that’s staked the tyre which is no wider than a big nail), but you will need the right tools for the job.

Tyre repair kit or Tyre plugging kit & pliers.

Sometimes a jack and Tyre iron or socket set will be needed if you have to remove the tyre in order to plug it, but those tools should always be on board your vehicle.

In most cases you won’t need to take the tyre off the vehicle unless the hole is really hard to get to.

Half the battle when doing a tire puncture repair is finding the hole/leak which can sometimes be challenging as the tyres may be covered in sand, dirt or mud.

Once found, establish wherever it is easy to fix while still on the vehicle or if it’s best to take the Tyre off and work on the ground.