Navigation and Communication

Navigation and Communication devices used in the Land Cruiser.

Many questions have been asked about which communication devices and navigation gadgets we use during our video adventure trips. For short range communications I use 2 UHF radios (477 MHz) both with safari company channels.

conduct off-road tag along tours so having the entire convoy on one channel and another channel for direct uninterrupted communications between the Lead vehicle and Tail End Charlie (the last vehicle in the convoy).

That said even during other trips and general travel I tend to leave one radio on channel 40 which is the trucker and road-worker channel to get alerts of what’s up ahead.

If you get a HF radio be sure to keep all the antenna wires well away from the engine bay and other electrical items as it really doesn’t take much to interfere with the radio signal. This is the reason why I have moved the radio antenna to the roof